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Still Image Codec Vika-I

Templates for Still Images Processing

Classic Image Processing Library

Image Processing Algorithms

Articles about Image Processing

Image/Video Compression Standards

Test Still Images

Test Video Sequences

Shell scripts programming

C programming

Win32 programming

Some Numerical Algorithms

The Chess for the Next Millenia

Great Freeware References

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Still Image Codec Vika-I:

vika1enc.h and vika1enc.c

Comments about codec design and implementation.

Templates for Still Images Processing:

templ_bmp.h and templ_bmp.c : Template simplify RGB bitmap image file processing

templ_pgm.h and templ_pgm.c : Template simplify PGM image file processing

templ_ppm.h and templ_ppm.c : Template simplify PPM image file processing

Classic Image Processing Library:

clip.h and clip.c : CLassic Image Processing Function Set (updated!)

cliptest.c Testing of CLIP functions

Image Processing Algorithms:

Demonstration of original edge preserving algorithm

Articles about Image Processing

Local_polynomial_approximation.pdf Image Local Polynomial Approximation and its applications.

SobelScharrGradients5x5.pdf Prewitt, Sobel and Scharr gradient 5x5 convolution matrices.

Image/Video Compression Standards:

JPEG T81 JPEG Codec for Still Images, CCITT Recommendation, September 1992

JBIG2 Codec for Bi-Level Images, July 1999

JPEG2000 Codec for Still Images pdf files, 2000-2005

H.120 Codec for Videoconferencing, ITU-T Recommendation, March 1993

H.261 Video Codec for Audiovisual Services, ITU-T Recommendation, March 1993

H.263 Video Coding for Low Bit Rate communication, Draft ITU-T Recommendation, May 1996

H.264 Joint Video Specification, Draft ITU-T Recommendation, May 2003

Theora Free Video Codec Specification, Foundation, May 2005

MPEG1 Part 1: Systems Draft ISO Recommendation

MPEG1 Part 2: Video Draft ISO Recommendation

MPEG1 Part 3: Audio Draft ISO Recommendation

DICOM Digital Imaging and COmmunications in Medicine Standard

Test Still Images: (use IrfanView to view/convert these images)

classic Set of classic test images

oldclassic Set of old classic test images

additional Set of additional test images

special Set of special test images

Test Video Sequences:

templ_yuv.c template for CIF yuv 4:2:0 video file processing

foreman.yuv : 300 frames (CIF: 352x288, 4:2:0)

hall.yuv : 300 frames (CIF: 352x288, 4:2:0)

First 16 separated frames of foreman.yuv (CIF: 352x288, 4:2:0)

Shell scripts programming:

hellobash Set of small bash programs

hellopython Set of small python programs (in development!)

C programming:

primes.c Program for prime numbers calculation

long64.c Program for demonstration of 64-bit integer arithmetic

fraction.h fractest.c 64-bit fraction arithmetic small library and test

Bitstr.h Library for bit strings manipulation design

Books about C programming

Win32 programming:

TemplWin : Template for development of simple Windows application

KeyMouse : Template for development of simple Windows application with key/mouse message processing

DlgApplication : Template for development of dialog-based application

TBarDemo : Template application for using of toolbar and status line

Books about Win32 programming

Some Numerical Algorithms:

VectMatr.h TestVect.c TestMatr.c Vector and Square Matrix Algebra Library implementation with Tests

Histogram.c Function for calculation of Histogram for vector with data

MeanStdDev.c Function for calculation of Mean and Standard Deviation

LinCorrCoef.c Function for calculation of Linear Correlation Coefficient

CorrMatr.c datamatr.txt Function for calculation of Correlation Matrix for data table

MatrixDeterm.c Function for calculation of Matrix Determinant

LinearEquations.c Function for Linear Equation System solving

The Chess for the Next Millenia:


Great Freeware References:

PROJECT GUTENBERG This is The Great Library of e-books This is another Great Library of e-books in pdf format

Cygwin shell This is GNU shell for Windows

VirtualDub Video viewer/convertor/processor

Irfan View Graphic Viewer Most popular image viewer

ConTEXT editor Great editor for programmers

PSPad editor Another great editor for programmers

Hex Editor XVI32 Good hex editor running under Windows

FCU Good File/Directory Compare Utility running under Windows