Test images Collections:

Collection of classic test images:

airplane.bmp or airplane.ppm : color 512x512

baboon.bmp or baboon.ppm : color 500x480

barbara.bmp or barbara.ppm : color 720x576

barbara.pgm : grey 512x512

boats.bmp or boats.pgm : grey 720x576

BoatsColor.bmp or Boats.ppm : color 787x576

goldhill.bmp or goldhill.ppm : color 720x576

lenna.bmp or lenna.ppm : color 512x512

pepper.bmp or pepper.ppm : color 512x512

Collection of old classic test images:

bridge.bmp or bridge.pgm : grey 512x512

cameraman.bmp or cameraman.pgm : grey 256x256

couple.bmp or couple.pgm : grey 512x512

clown.bmp or clown.pgm : grey 512x512

crowd.bmp or crowd.pgm : grey 512x512

girlface.bmp or girlface.pgm : grey 512x512

man.bmp or man.pgm : grey 1024x1024

sailboat.bmp or sailboat.ppm : color 512x512

tank.bmp or tank.pgm : grey 512x512

tank2.bmp or tank2.pgm : grey 512x512

truck.bmp or truck.pgm : grey 512x512

trucks.bmp or trucks.pgm : grey 512x512

zelda.bmp or zelda.pgm : grey 512x512

zelda2.bmp or zelda2.pgm : grey 720x576

ZeldaColor.bmp or zelda.ppm : color 787x576

Additional test images:

airplaneU2.bmp or airplaneU2.pgm : grey 1024x1024

cablecar.bmp or cablecar.ppm : color 512x480

cornfield.bmp or cornfield.ppm : color 512x480

flower.bmp or flower.ppm : color 512x480

flowers.bmp or flowers.ppm : color 500x362

fruits.bmp or fruits.ppm : color 512x480

girl.bmp or girl.ppm : color 720x576

houses.bmp or houses.pgm : grey 512x512

kiel.bmp or kiel.pgm : grey 512x512

lighthouse.bmp or lighthouse.pgm : grey 512x512

monarch.bmp or monarch.ppm : color 768x512

pens.bmp or pens.ppm : color 512x480

soccer.bmp or soccer.ppm : color 512x480

tiffany.bmp or tiffany.ppm : color 512x512

yacht.bmp or yacht.ppm : color 512x480

Sun and planets images (from NASA):

Sun.bmp or Sun.ppm : color 2100*2034

Mercury.bmp or Mercury.ppm : color 732*520

Venus.jpg : color 4064x4064

Earth.bmp or Earth.ppm : color 749x768

Mars.bmp or Mars.ppm : color 1280x1024

Jupiter.bmp or Jupiter.ppm : color 1390x1079

Saturn.bmp or Saturn.ppm : color 1500x1200

Uranus.bmp or Uranus.ppm : color 1920x1080

Neptune.bmp or Neptune.ppm : color 1024x1023

Collection of medical test images:

In development ...

bone_scint.pgm : grayscale 1129x1865

Brain1.pgm : grayscale 699x911

Brain2.pgm : grayscale 675x901

Brain3.pgm : grayscale 691x867

Brain4.pgm : grayscale 719x881

Brain5.pgm : grayscale 713x903

Chest.pgm : grayscale 512x417

ultrasound.pgm : grayscale 895*597

lungs.pgm : grayscale 425x425

thyroid_scint.pgm : grayscale 430x430

Fingerprint images:

In development ...

finger.pgm : grayscale 256x256

fingerprint1.pgm : grayscale 512x512

fingerprint2.pgm : grayscale 468x468

Texture images:

In development ...

blobs.bmp : grey 256x254

brickwall.bmp : grey 1024x1024

carpet.bmp : grey 1024x1024

cellcolony.bmp : grey 406x408

textureA.bmp : grey 1024x1024

textureB.bmp : grey 1024x1024

Some special test images:

In development ...

Collection of high resolution test images:

In development ...