Hello Python 3 program Collection:

in00.py - comments in Python program

in01.py - build-in function print: string printing

in02.py - variable declaration/assignment/printing

in03.py - string variable assignment and printing

in04.py - trailing comma in print for separation of items

in05.py - string input: build-in function raw_input()

in06.py - string casting to integer and integer input

in07.py - operator if/else

in08.py - operator while

in09.py - function range() to create list with arithmetic progression

in10.py - operator for ... in

in11.py - simple function definition

in12.py - buildin function type()

in13.py - many operators in one line

in14.py - simple calculator

in16.py - buildin function chr(i)

in17.py - tuple introdictory example

in18.py - list introdictory example

in19.py - map introductory example

in20.py - read text file: iteration in file

in21.py - string iteration example