HelloC program Collection:

HelloWorld.c program is not enough for crash introduction to C programming.

Here is the set of very small programs for fast review of C language

minadam.c minimal empty program, only main function

adam.c empty program, only main function

comments.c with comments only adam.c

eva.c print text "Hi Adam!" to console

adamar.c int variable declaration with assignment

intprint.c print of integer variable

intadd.c addition of two integers

intread.c integer input from keyboard

intmult.c multiplication of two integers

intdiv.c division of two integers

intincdec.c increment and decrement of integer variable

shortprint.c print of short variable

shortread.c short input from keyboard

shortadd.c addition of two shorts

longlongprint.c print of integer variable

longlongadd.c addition of two integers

longlongread.c integer input from keyboard

longlongmult.c multiplication of two integers

longlongdiv.c division of two integers

unsigned.c unsigned integer print

bitneg.c bit operation negate

bitor.c bit operation or

bitand.c bit operation and

float.c float type variable declaration and assignment

floatprint.c printing of float variable

floatread.c reading of float variable

floatadd.c addition of two float variables

floatmult.c multiplication of two float variables

floatdiv.c division of two float variables

double.c double type variable declaration and assignment

doubleprint.c double type variable printing

char.c char type variable declaration and assignment

charnumb.c char type as a number

charprint.c printing of char type variable

charinput.c reading of char type variable

goto.c operators goto, label and endless loop

boolean1.c data comparing equals, more, less

boolean2.c boolean operations and, or and not

if.c operator if

ifelse.c operator if...else

while.c operator while demonstration

for.c loop operator for

case.c operator case

dowhile.c operator do ... while

break.c operator break

continue.c operator continue

blocks.c internal block with declaration of variables

func.c typeless function

funcmin.c function for calculation of minimum of two integers

funcsum.c function for summation of first n integers

funcsumrec.c function for summation of first n integers reciprocals

fact.c recursive function for factorial calculation

staticvar.c static variable in function

assert.c assert function

system.c system function for OS program run

arrayint.c integer 1-dim array declaration and assignment

arrayfloat.c float 1-dim array declaration and calculation

arraychar.c vector of characters

matrix.c integer square matrix 3x3 multiplication to constant

typedef.c using typedef to define new names for data types

macro.c constant definition by using #define

str.c string creation as char vector with 0 at the end

strprint.c string printing

strinput.c string reading

strconcat.c concatenation of two strings

structdef.c definition of data structure SPerson

point.c definition of data structure SPoint

distance.c distance between two points

pointerint.c what is integer pointer

pointerchar.c what is char pointer

malloc.c dynamic memory allocation

pointerstr.c how to use pointer to string

fileread.c string file reading

filecreate.c creation of text file

filewrite.c writing to text file

commandstr.c command line components